A value-creating organisation

Staci Mutual ® guarantees adaptability at all times to seasonal variations as well as helping to support companies experiencing strong growth and significant changes in their activity.
The pooling of transport with national and international transport leaders is also a factor in purchasing transport at the best prices.

High-tech products
FMCG / Cosmetics
Medical devices
Documents, POS Advertising & Marketing
Supplies & consumables
Events furniture / Fridges
Spare parts
Hygiène, Workwear

Shared Logistics Platform

Consumers at home, Proximity points
 Supermarkets & Superstores
Office & Business Addressees
OOH Food & Beverage Outlets
Field Sales Forces
Regional platforms, Pick-up Points
Events/ Fairs, Congresses
Local / International
* Reverse Logistics

Expert advisers on their sectors

Staci supports companies in developing their logistics projects both nationally and internationally. This support translates concretely with the deployment of project teams and mobilisation of dedicated resources, in order to manage and permanently optimise customised logistics solutions.