Car manufacturers
+ 20

customer brands

Equipment manufacturers
+ 15

customer brands

+ 50 000

item references stored and distributed

Customer context

A global car group and its 3 brands wanted to streamline logistics and distribution across Europe:

  • Commercial, advertising and promotional materials and brochures
  • On-board docs
  • Derivatives and advertising items

Our solution

The implementation of a multi-channel B2B and B2C logistics offer on a European scale.

  • Sites in different European countries for fulfilling deliveries to manufacturing sites in France, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium and Italy.
  • Roll-out of the E-cats® software suite in 8 languages, in e-commerce mode for consumers and in B2B mode for dealers.
  • The Staci Customer Support® for assistance to consumers and the dealer network.

In a few key figures

  • 34,000 item references
  • 15,000 pallets in stock
  • 645,000 lines processed/year
  • 345,000 packages shipped/year

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