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Staci and Biologique Recherche wellness & logistics

Staci has been enhancing the production capacities and logistical needs of Biologique Recherche for the last 4 years. Together, they’re building a durable partnership in a growing environment.

Biologique Recherche and Staci: a winning collaboration

Created almost 40 years ago, Biologique Recherche combines a clinical approach to personalised skin
care, intentionally pure, concentrated, almost raw ingredients, innovative formulas and unique and
rigorous protocols. Working with a select network of medical spas, city spas and the most prestigious hotel spas, Biologique Recherche, whose renowned efficiency is thanks to an ultra-personalised methodology, has grown 3
times faster than the rest of the market.

” We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Staci which has demonstrated flexibility and agility at each stage of our development. After 4 years of working together and seeing our business double in size, we are delighted with our sustainable partnership and our ability to grow together. We have been provided with innovative solutions and above all reliable business management solutions, which comply with the regulatory constraints specific to our market.”

Pierre-Louis Delapalme – Co-Chairman of Biologique Recherche


To support this growth, Biologique Recherche wanted to refocus on its core business and outsource its logistics to a provider specialised in picking.
Thanks to its capacity to adapt, create customised solutions, and with a track record for account management excellence, Staci was selected to implement a bespoke logistics solution in a constantly changing regulatory environment.
In particular, the company has implemented a tracking system for products distributed across more than 80 countries around the world using QR codes and Prooftags (security labels with a unique digital fingerprint).


A Staci blockchain solution

Staci has set up a global distribution hub at its Moissy Cramayel site with a totally flexible layout, to support Biologique Recherche in its growth. The ERP system (software which manages and monitors a company’s information and business processes) for Biologique Recherche cosmetics was implemented at the same time as the outsourcing, thus completing the integration with Staci.

The solution, particularly suited to the luxury and cosmetics sector, guarantees the brand’s integrity by limiting potential counterfeiting as well as providing complete product traceability and secure deliveries.