Multiple suppliers procurement

Each customer, or Staci by delegation of the Client, organises its supplies from its own suppliers, up to the Staci logistics site which will store and distribute them.

Replenishment & Inbound Freight

Provision of a dedicated service to manage our customers' supplies according to 2 options: direct management with the customer's supplier(s) or directed supply. Handling of your supplier freight, whatever the country of origin, to the warehouse solution(s) selected by our customer.

Shared warehouses

+ 80 Staci logistics platforms are designed to manage their customers' multi-product / multi-supplier stocks in a secure and optimal way.

Pick & pack

Whatever the process (E-cats, e-procurement, market place, e-commerce site...) or the inventory management methods (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, management of DLC, DLUO, bar codes, serial numbers, QR code), the Staci information system is configured by customer to meet their specificities. The Staci teams prepare and package orders with the most suitable packaging and organise shipments within the required deadlines.

Personalisation + Custom Packaging : "Staci Create" solution

Sourcing of our customers' e-commerce packaging: personalised study incorporating formats / materials / customer brand graphics. Manufacturing and supply management in line with customer requirements.

Track & trace

From entry into stock and until delivery, the Staci information system ensures complete product tracking (serial number, EAN codes, bar codes, QR code). Staci also guarantees real-time monitoring of the changing status of orders and their delivery status.

Multichannel distribution

Staci optimises transport by choosing the most appropriate BtoB, BtoC, domestic, international, single or multi-parcel, pallet solutions. Staci organises deliveries to points of sale, to business, to homes, to a pick-up point, to local storage platforms, to market places...

Billing & payment collection

To lighten your administrative tasks with low added value, Staci is able to take charge of the entire customer chain management: issue and dispatch of paper or digital invoices as well as collection.

Reverse logistics

Returning products with simple stock reintegration through to complex services with inspection, refurbishment or repair by teams of technicians, Staci has reverse logistics solutions tailored to each customer. Staci also looks after the reuse of end-of-life products and their recycling as per existing regulations.

Customer contact

Customer Service department provides direct contact with a Staci employee for any request for information or assistance.

Steering committee & Performance analysis

Performance indicators, qualitative and quantitative dashboards and Customer contact activity reports let you monitor STACI’s performance.

Strategic advice on improving flows

Areas for development or improvement are systematically presented to you during the steering committees. Your dedicated representatives implement progress plans with you to optimise services, costs and service rates.

Expert advisers

Staci supports companies in developing their logistics projects both nationally and internationally. This support translates concretely with the deployment of project teams and mobilisation of dedicated resources, in order to manage and permanently optimise customised logistics solutions.